Total Body Design, Experts in Cellulite Reduction Total Body Design, Experts in Cellulite Reduction Total Body Design, Experts in Cellulite Reduction
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Total Body Design in Virginia, provides endermologie body treatment, lipomassage, body wraps, cellulite treatment, cellulite reduction,  LED light,  post-liposuction, fibromyalgia treatments, day spa and best skin care in Reston
Endermologie Lipomassage, Slimming Body Wraps, Massage Therapy, Gyrotonic Exercise, Facials, Microdermabrasion, Wellness consulting, cellulite treatment, cellulite reduction, best skin care, body wrap, LED light treatment. post-liposuction treatment, fibromyalgia treatment, day spa in reston

About Us

Total Body Design founded in 2006, is a body and skin care wellness place with a focus on health and beauty catering to women only, located in Herndon, Virginia.  All our skin care products are professional and devices are FDA cleared Category one medical grade. Our staff are professionally trained. With the skills and years of experience plus professionally trained ingredients knowleage and machines technology gives us the confidence to take good care of our clients and provide their individual skin and body needs and home care advice.
Our body health care services started in 2006, we have been using FDA cleared Category I medical devices designed exclusively to recondition deep beneath the skin, to increase the circulation, oxygenation, lymphatic drainage, speed up heeling after surgeries, smooth cellulite and smooth the irregularities after the lipo-suction. The results are a better shape, feeling energetic, inchess loss, tighten, detoxification, pain reduce and many more health benefits you may recieve from these devices.
Our technicians are professionally trained and certified in skin and body care to use the products and devices. The technicians work with great caring, loving and enthusiasm.
Lin has a long time deep love with skin care and body detoxification in a natural and non-invaside approach to reach an optimal health and a great body figure, she believes it takes long term patience to recieve a so call natural permanent results. She keeps up with all trainings related to her work and tests every treatment on herself before providing to clients. Her caring makes you feel there is always someone you have ever met and been served by her who is always there thinking of you and sincerly caring about you, her positive attitude for things in life and work makes her very impressive, a person focus on, but simply and deeply loves what she does. Lin started skincare since 2003 and first time studied Endermologie techology in 2008.
With these characteristics in our heart and continuing to train and study to fullfill what we love to do each and every day, and to be able to provide the best treatment for all our clients in their needs. This is what makes Total Body Design a special and unique place for a total body wellness care.
Our service enviroment is a very private, welcoming, soothing sensational, and relaxing experience. Giving you your escape from a busy life for the moment of energy restoring, self finding and rebalancing. All services are by appoitment only, no waiting, traffic, and no pushy selling. But we do require all clients to be on time for all their appoitments. We ask for 24 hours notice for all cancellations and rescheduling so that we can better schedule all our clients and give us the chance to fill in your spot if possible. Late arrivals will result in shorten treatment time if there is an appointment behind your's, otherwise we will still provide the full treatment time. Failure to do so may result in full charges for the service or sessions deducted from your current package. We are very careful and respectful of  your time and guarantee to start all appointments on schedule so everyone can have an enjoyable treatment, and leave  with an appreciation of life and health.
Our mission is to provide the highest quality and safest services at an exceptional value for every client in the Washington metropolitan area and beyond. We love to see our clients feeling good and looking their best. 
We hope that you will call and come to discover for yourself a place free of worries, you can trust, a place that provides services with cosmetic results and therapeutic benefits, non-invasive treatments for body and skin care in any season or occasion.
 Thank you very much!
Total Body Design

Phone: 703-577-8126 

Business Hours: By Appointment only 

       Monday: 9am to 7pm

Tuesday: Closed

   Wednesday: 9am to 7pm

       Thursday: 9am to 7pm

            Friday: 9am to 8pm

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  Sunday: Closed

Total Body Design in Reston, VA
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Total Body Design in Virginia, Endermologie, Lipomassage, Body Wraps

 To Our Beloved Customers:

                                                                        Please be advised,

  • All services are by appointment only. 24 hours notice for all cancellations and rescheduling is enforced.
  • Same day cancellations will result in one or two sessions being deducted from your package(s).
  • A $35 deposit will be charged for each treatment you scheduled.
  • A credit card number will be asked for when requesting an appointment.
  • For receiving and performing a pleseant treatment, please arrive on time.
  • A late arrival will regrettably shorten your treatment time.

                                        Thank you for your understanding and respecting both of our time!