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Total Body Design in Virginia, provides endermologie body treatment, lipomassage, body wraps, cellulite treatment, cellulite reduction,  LED light,  post-liposuction, fibromyalgia treatments, day spa and best skin care in Reston
Endermologie Lipomassage, Slimming Body Wraps, Massage Therapy, Gyrotonic Exercise, Facials, Microdermabrasion, Wellness consulting, cellulite treatment, cellulite reduction, best skin care, body wrap, LED light treatment. post-liposuction treatment, fibromyalgia treatment, day spa in reston

Understanding Endermologie

     Proven by more than 110 scientific studies, 28 years of research, patented techniques, international scientific committee of research ( and continually evolving techniques. Results from the latest scientific study: 70% activation of lipolysis, 240% activation of collagen production and 160% activation of elastin production.  Endermologie is a unique mechanical approach and is the science of cell stimulation dealing with cellulite developed by LPG.

     Endermologie is a patented, state of the art technology that utilizes the Cellu M6 Key Module, an electronically control device featuring motorized rollers that mobilize the tissues to treat, transform and rehabilitate the body's connective tissue disorders. The non-invasive mechanized manipulation techniques used in Endermologie enable the professional practitioner to go right to the heart of a person's problem and treat it. The technology has been used for 28 years now in beauty institute in over 100 countries worldwide.  According to studies conducted and reported by the Esthetic Surgery Journal, Endermologie is in fact the only technology that successfully fights cellulite and may provide an alternative to surgery.  The secret of the success lies in the tridimensional action of the Key Module, which provides in-depth stimulation of the connective tissue and stimulates the fibroblast. 

     Today, LPG continues to lead the way with newest generation Cellu M6 Integral, further developments of the existing technique and recent invasions have led this new tool that ensures high impact fast action stimulation and radically increases the body's natural fat breakdown. Administered in 30 to 40 minutes sessions, Endermologie activates blood circulation and promotes the oxygenation of deprived body areas, this in turn helps free the fibrosed tissues which results in a noticeable decrease of unsightly "orange peel" affect, a telling sign of cellulite. The increased blood circulation also stimulates the elimination of toxins and waste from the body. Once freed and decongested by the draining effect of Endermologie, tissues in the treated area are naturally purified. The professional practitioner executes specific maneuvers to stimulate the elastin and collagen in the dermis, and treat the area, thereby providing a genuine work out for the skin. Each treatment is part of a user defined program adapted specifically to the identified problem independently of its depth or limitations. The machine can be set to perform variety of actions, it can relieve, drain, relax, prepare, smooth and soften the tissues.

     Following physiological energetic or reflexology pathways, the practitioner performs the treatment to gradually restore harmony to the tissues. This will help to improve regular functions and thus increase the tissues natural defense against external assaults and aging.

     In addition to the fight against cellulite, Endermologie can be effective in various health, beauty and wellness applications, such as body contouring, post-surgery treatments and anti-stress therapies.

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Total Body Design in Virginia, Endermologie, Lipomassage, Body Wraps

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